Friday, October 20, 2017

Halloween Cookies & Screeem m&m's

Mmm, these new Halloween edition Cookies & Screeem m&m's are a wonderful new addition to the ever-growing m&m's flavor line. They consist of a center of white chocolate enveloped by a layer of dark chocolate contained in the classic crispy sugar shell. Dark brown is my least favorite color of m&m, but I do really like the effect of the white splatter paint sprinkled on a selection of the brown shells. Dark and white chocolate combined don't exactly create a surprise flavor-wise, but it's tasty. It's a little heavy on the white chocolate--I would personally prefer a reversal of dark chocolate\white chocolate ratio. But these are certainly worth a try and a fun Halloween design to have out in a candy bowl.

Score (flavor):3
Score (decoration): 4

Monday, October 16, 2017

Halloween Tricks: Snickers Xscream (Xtreme)

Imagine a classic Snickers bar without the layer of nougat and there you have the Snickers Xtreme, re-branded as Snickers Xscream for Halloween. It's a whole lot of firm caramel with some peanuts suspended throughout. It's tasty, but I miss the nougat, which really coheres and softens each bite of a classic Snickers. I forced taste testers Ben, Will, Alex, and Lori to try the mini bars and all were in consensus--without the nougat, it's missing zing that makes Snickers such a delicious bite. There's nothing wrong with the new incarnation, and it's fun to try varieties of a classic, but the panel of taste-testers agree that they will all return to original Snickers as soon as possible.

Score (new variations on a classic): 4
Score (missing all the nougat): 2
Score (overall): 3

Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween Treats: Reese's White Peanut Butter Scary Ghosts

As someone who enjoys white chocolate but almost always opts instead for dark or milk chocolate, Reese's White Ghosts did not hold all that much appeal. But I was wrong! These are delicious! Somehow the white chocolate and peanut butter blend so beautifully. I thought they would be too sweet but they are not. I checked in with taste-tester Ben, who also feels strong emotions about the entire Reese's line, and he agreed that these white chocolate covered peanut butter ghosts are a surprise delight. One complaint: don't these ghost shapes seem awfully similar to the Christmas tree shape released by Reese's each Christmas?

Score (flavor): 4
Score (delighted surprise at flavor): 5
Score (ingenuity of shape): 2

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Halloween Peeps Snapshot: Marshmallow Spooky Cats

Nothing new in the Peeps ever-growing flavor spectrum, but these traditional Peeps in purple-y black spooky cats shapes are awfully cute for celebrating Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

TV and Chocolate Snapshot: The Mindy Project Final Season Bacon Flavored Milk Chocolate Bar

TV and chocolate are a natural and beautiful pairing, something appreciated by the titular character of the The Mindy Project. Now in honor of the fantastic show's Final Season, Dylan's Candy Bar has released an honorary line of chocolate bars. I didn't eat the bacon flavored milk chocolate bar yet, but wanted to spread the word of the line's existence as soon as possible for the fans!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Halloween Candy Corn: Brachs Strawberry Vampire Teeth Candy Corn

The concept of Brach's Strawberry Vampire Teeth Candy Corn is so clever. White candy corn tipped in red is an absolutely perfect candy creation in honor of the Halloween holiday. Unfortunately, strawberry candy corn are so icky. The strawberry tastes of chemicals--even the aroma is unpleasant. I think Brach's should bring back this concept but with either Cherry, Fruit Punch, or Cinnamon flavors. In the meantime, there are too many traditional candy corns waiting to be consumed to waste your time with this strawberry variety.

Score (concept): 5
Score (taste): 1

Friday, October 6, 2017

Repost (It Bears Repeating): Autumn is Not the Season of Pumpkin Spice

Below is a repost of a blog entry I originally published in November 2013. It bears another read in light of the unabating and rampant overuse of Pumpkin Spice flavoring in Fall. No more for me. It's time to welcome in some new Autumnal candy flavors. How about Maple? Or Mulled Apple Cider? Or Apple Pie?


Pumpkin Spice - Pie Madness Part 5: Enough!!

photo courtesy of

Over the past month I have cried out against the all-pervasive "Pumpkin Spice" and "Pumpkin Pie" trend inundating the world of candy delights (Click to read Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4, all recent reviews of Pumpkin Spice offerings). I am pleased to say that I am not the only online outlet decrying the popularity of the difficult-to-(pleasantly)-recreate flavor. Jezebel blog has previously presented two articles outlining the problematic trend and asking the artificial pumpkin flavoring to please disappear pronto(click here and here to read). Now, the bastion of breaking news, The New York Times, has jumped on the bandwagon with a video uncovering what exactly makes up "Pumpkin Spice" flavoring (hint: not pumpkin nor nutmeg nor cinnamon nor clove nor any related spice):
NYTimes Video, Mysterious "Pumpkin" Flavoring....(click here)

Join the movement!! Down with artificial pumpkin spice! 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Art as Cake: The Great Architectural Bake Off

Dattner Architects construct a sweet model of the World's Fair Unisphere.
Image courtesy of Scott Lynch/ Gothamist

Celebrating its second year, the Great Architectural Bake Off blends the skills of great architects with my very favorite thing, baked goods!

Click over to Gothamist to read about the exciting event and see all of the enticing architectural cake varieties!

Gothamist: "Check Out the Iconic Buildings Built from Cake at the Great Architectural Bake Off"