Saturday, October 25, 2014

Special Halloween Guest Blogger Review: Ghost Twix

In my adulthood, long after I pounded the trick-or-treat trail in search of Kit Kat and Nestlé Crunch I discovered the joy of Twix.  You can only imagine my excitement when Sweets brought home this season’s Ghost Twix bar.  It was with great appreciation and a bit of compunction that I offered to her my honest opinion: the Ghost Twix was good but it wasn’t as great as the original. The reason for this is a matter of size and proportion.  What the Ghost Twix gains with its stylish specter-shaped mold it loses by the thinning and widening of the cookie portion of the bar.  Somehow in this process the skinnier and flatter cookie loses some of it crunch.  Also, the original cookie, caramel, and chocolate combination are so perfectly balanced that the Ghost shaped serving has turned the Twix bar into a ghost of its former self.  Still, I ate two of them.  

Score: 3

Happy Halloween! - Spooky Tricks Abramovich

I'm So Lucky Part 1: Candy Cake

I've never encountered a cake like this. Brilliant innovation and incredibly delicious. Inspirational to candy lovers, incorporating Nerds, Skittles, Twizzlers, Jujubees, and Starburst. Designed and created by Vittoria. Thanks, Met colleagues!

Special Guest Blogger Alert: Halloween Edition!

Hello out there in Candyland!

I’m sure that many of you wonder, as I did, what it is like to be married to a celebrity.  Well, over 3 years ago I found out the answer to that question when I married Obsessive Sweets, AKA Sweets Ramirez.  I can attest that being married to a celebrity is not only glamorous; it also has its perks.  How would you like to go on chocolate factory tours, sample confections sent to you from all over the world and always have a late night candy cabinet stocked to the rim?  Yes, this is the life I lead and with privilege comes responsibility.  This October, I, husband of Sweets have been tasked in the role of guest candy blogger.  I promise you, Obsessive Sweets readership, that I will sample, eat and review the many candy types that have been gathered and set forth in front of my soon to be pudgy face.  It is for Sweets that I carry out this mission and for you her minions that I know my sacrifice will not be in vain! I look forward to taking this Halloween journey with you.

Happy Halloween! -Spooky Tricks Abramovich

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All-Chocolate "Deco Diamond" Dress by Costume Designer for Downton Abbey!

Via the London Express, news of an all-chocolate dress created by the costume designer of Downton Abbey! In delicious Lindt Chocolate, no less! Click here to read more!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Limited Edition Girl Scouts Nesquik Lowfat Milk in Caramel Coconut (Samoas)

The Girl Scouts have made another excellent product pairing for their Girl Scout Cookie line: (Nesquik) Milk and (Girl Scout) Cookies! This is not their first time co-branding with Nestle. Last year Girl Scout Cookies were made into special edition Nestle Crunch candy bars that were pretty delicious. I wouldn't opt for one over a traditional cookie but they were fun and unique. (Click here to read review of the candy bars).

Samoas are my favorite of all the Girl Scout cookies so I was especially excited to try the Caramel Coconut flavor. The milk, however, gave me pause. On one hand, the milk is infused with a tasty blend of caramel and coconut and it is pleasing to the palate. My concern was over the strange film that the milk left in the mouth, a very thin slimy layer of something artificial, certainly not a sensation typical to imbibing milk. I couldn't get over the texture enough to enjoy the beverage. However, it added a nice flavor kick in morning coffee and the slime-factor disappeared. Thanks, Mark! I can't wait to try the Thin Mints flavor awaiting in the fridge!

Score: 3

Halloween Treats: Brachs Caramel Macchiato and Apple Pie Candy Corn

Brachs candy corn is the best in the world. No other brand does it better. And I love that Brachs has been experimenting with candy corn flavors over the last few years. (You can read about their Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple flavors of yore by clicking the links). This year's seasonal offerings are Caramel Macchiato and Apple Pie candy corns.

The Caramel Macchiato does not please me in the least. Oof. It's candy corn with coffee breath. Enough said.

The Apple Pie Candy Corn, on the other hand, is fantastic! I finished the bag in one go and instantly started yearning for more. The classic candy corn honey flavor remains the base but there are additional tones of a mellow baked apple combined with light cinnamon that blend perfectly. Whereas last year's Caramel Apple flavor tasted like a strident Jolly Rancher apple, this Apple Pie blend is far less overpowering. It's wonderful. I need to go buy three more bags.

Score for Caramel Macchiato: 1
Score for Apple Pie: (enthusiastic) 4

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jelly Belly Star Wars Sparkling Galaxy Mix


Get ready, get excited, Jelly Belly has released a new Star Wars Galaxy Mix of sparkling jellybeans. There are three great bag designs depicting Yoda, a Storm Trooper, and Darth Vader. Of course I grabbed for the Darth Vader first. The three bags hold the same jelly bean mix which is, in turn, quite reminiscent of the recent sparkling Jelly Belly Frozen Icicle Mix. The Frozen mix contains berry blue, blueberry, grape soda, and cream soda. The Galaxy mix contains berry blue, blueberry, grape soda, green apple, island punch, sour apple, and wild blackberry. I love the wild blackberry both in flavor and coloring-black with a gold shimmer. Overall the flavor mix is great, really fruity and fresh. The bag designs are undeniably cool and sure to be a hit with any Star Wars fan.

Score: 5

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Morinaga Koeda White Bear Chocolate Sticks in Pineapple Peach

These Morinaga Koeda White Bear chocolates are unique to any candy I've previously tasted. The two-bite white chocolate sticks loaded with the flavors of pineapple and peaches are as light as air but packed with fresh flavors. These are not substantial candy treats- one packet will not give you a sense that you've eaten much of anything. These are, however, a delightful post-meal bite of sweetness that is both refreshing and surprising. Thanks, Zack!

Score: 4