Monday, September 15, 2014

Jelly Belly Star Wars Sparkling Galaxy Mix


Get ready, get excited, Jelly Belly has released a new Star Wars Galaxy Mix of sparkling jellybeans. There are three great bag designs depicting Yoda, a Storm Trooper, and Darth Vader. Of course I grabbed for the Darth Vader first. The three bags hold the same jelly bean mix which is, in turn, quite reminiscent of the recent sparkling Jelly Belly Frozen Icicle Mix. The Frozen mix contains berry blue, blueberry, grape soda, and cream soda. The Galaxy mix contains berry blue, blueberry, grape soda, green apple, island punch, sour apple, and wild blackberry. I love the wild blackberry both in flavor and coloring-black with a gold shimmer. Overall the flavor mix is great, really fruity and fresh. The bag designs are undeniably cool and sure to be a hit with any Star Wars fan.

Score: 5

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Morinaga Koeda White Bear Chocolate Sticks in Pineapple Peach

These Morinaga Koeda White Bear chocolates are unique to any candy I've previously tasted. The two-bite white chocolate sticks loaded with the flavors of pineapple and peaches are as light as air but packed with fresh flavors. These are not substantial candy treats- one packet will not give you a sense that you've eaten much of anything. These are, however, a delightful post-meal bite of sweetness that is both refreshing and surprising. Thanks, Zack!

Score: 4

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dark Chocolate Raspberry m&m's

Every time m&m's introduces a new flavor profile for the classic candy, I get really excited. (Click here to read 38 past posts on flavored m&m's). Candy corn, mint, cinnamon, strawberried peanut butter- all quite tasty. Cherry- disastrous. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry are nice. Dark chocolate blends well with the raspberry flavor but the raspberry tastes stridently artificial and chemical-based. It resembles raspberry flouride more than a real piece of fruit. Don't get me wrong-artificial can be wonderful in itself, but in this case the flavor doesn't sing. And there are so many overwhelmingly delicious m&m flavors, why opt for mediocre?

Score: 3

From the Movie Frozen: Jelly Belly Jellybeans Icicle Mix

This pretty, shimmering series of Jelly Belly jellybeans was created and co-branded with Disney to promote the movie Frozen! It reminds me of wet shells shining on the beach in the sun- sumptuous. The white, blues, and purple also constitute a pleasing color palette. The mix is not comprised of new flavors- blueberry, grape, berry blue and cream soda- but the combination blends pleasantly together in all different variations. Personally, I would have substituted something instead of the berry blue but that's just being picky. This was one of my favorite Jelly Belly flavor and color mixes so far.... plus it will most definitely please and enthrall young fans of the film!

Score: 4

Friday, August 22, 2014

Guest Review: Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Bar

image courtesy of the author via flicker @ allisonwag

Hi, fellow candy lovers! I'm Allison from Obsessivesweets has been kind enough to let me review the British chocolate bar called Double Decker.

The Cadbury Double Decker is a childhood favorite in the UK, so obviously I had never heard of the chocolate bar until today when I stumbled upon it at an international grocery store. The Double Decker was aptly named after double-decker buses, the two-story buses that became a national symbol for British culture. Cadbury featured the buses in most of the candy bar commercials.

image courtesy of the author via flicker @ allisonwag

The Double Decker candy bar has a nougat top layer and crispy cereal bottom layer, and it's covered in milk chocolate. Apparently it's made with coffee, but you would never know it when you eat it. The closest thing I can compare it to is a 100 Grand bar except instead of caramel, the Double Decker substitutes nougat.

The candy bar was a great size, and extremely filling. I ate it for lunch and didn't even think about eating again until about 4 or 5 hours later. The nougat was my favorite part because there was so much of it.

My only issue was the crispy cereal bottom. If it had been crispier and "popped" more, per say, it would have gotten a 5 in my book.

image courtesy of the author via flicker @ allisonwag

If you want to check out more reviews from me, or other candy-related musings, visit me at the Candy Direct blog!

Score: 4

Friday, August 15, 2014

Warm Up for Doctor Who with Bassetts Jelly Babies

The newest incarnation of Doctor Who begins this month starring Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor. In honor of an auspicious new season, let's celebrate by devouring the favorite snack of the Doctors of old (especially Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor), Bassetts Jelly Babies! A classic since 1864(!), the all-natural flavoring makes the Jelly Babies not only delicious but vaguely nutritious (or at least not so very unhealthy). Originally called "Unclaimed Babies" and later "Peace Babies," Jelly Babies remain the classic fruit jelly. Nice to know Dr. Who has such great taste!

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New Dove Chocolate Cookies & Creme Bites

The new Dove Cookies & Creme bites are super sweet. The white chocolate is nicely melty and I like the little bit of crunch and mellow flavor that the chocolate cookie bits provide. Cookies and cream, after all, is a terrific combination. However, the ratio is simply off, so that the white chocolate is so stridently sweet that you almost miss the cookie bits. Dove either needs to pack more cookies into each bite to offset the white chocolate base or to dilute the sugar content of the white chocolate a bit. Great idea but not my favorite cookies & creme combo.

Score: 3