Sunday, April 12, 2015

Icelandic Banana Chocolate Bar: Noi Sirius Pipp Med Bananabragdi

First let's all acknowledge how cool the packaging is for this Pipp Med Bananabragdi bar by Icelandic candy  company, Noi Sirius. As I tore open the foil I started considering the lack of banana flavor employed in the candy world. I mean, basically all other fruits are fair game but bananas are ignored in fruit gummies and chews or mixed with chocolate bars. Bananas and chocolate combine beautifully in banana splits, which leads me to believe that the combo has some good possibilities.

Unfortunately, this banana chocolate bar is not a very good manifestation of the flavor combo. It's really nice melty milk chocolate but the banana filling tastes super artificial- basically not at all like banana. It tastes very sugary and strangely soapy. I imagine a light whipped cream filling infused with a more natural banana taste would taste far better. Add in a layer of peanut butter and it might become my favorite candy bar on earth. But that's merely a digression into fantasy. In the meantime, this banana chocolate bar from Iceland shows great potential but fails in execution. Thanks for finding this, Zach!

Score: 2

Friday, April 10, 2015

Rochef Chocolatier Milk Chocolate with Maple Sugar

I'm nuts for anything maple (read past declarations of maple love here) so I was excited to try this milk chocolate with maple sugar bar by Rochef Chocolatier in Quebec, Canada. The milk chocolate base of this bar is really intense- this is high end chocolate with a lot more depth and complexity of flavor than your drugstore Hershey Bar. There's not the abundance of sugar in the chocolate base and the chunks of crystalized maple sugar are bright bursts of warm mellow flavor to balance out the overall taste. They add a nice little crunch, too. Thanks, Ben!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dracula in Denmark: Dracula Classic and Dracula Blood Salty Licorice Pastilles

Wow, I was not prepared for these Dracula Classic and Dracula Blood Licorice Pastilles from Denmark. They are a unique and popular form of salty licorice popular in Denmark, Norway, Germany and Iceland. This isn't licorice with salt, though. It's known as salmiak or salmiakki, which is licorice flavored with ammonium chloride, which makes the candy so salty and acidic that it vaguely numbs or stings the tongue. It's an acquired taste and I think because I did not grow up with this form of "candy," the non-sweet super-salty super-"stingy" taste is not pleasant. In fact, I spit them out, which is a real rarity. I loved the packaging, though, and the little pink pastilles of the Dracula Blood are beautiful. Glad to have tried it; never again. Thanks for finding these, Tara!

Score (taste): 1
Score (packaging & aesthetics): 4

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kahiltna Gold Alaska Gold Nuggets: Birch Cream Caramels Straight From the Source

I've tasted birch beer before but never really thought about the source material of what I was sampling. Recently, though, I was lucky enough to sample Kahiltna Gold's Alaska Gold Nuggets Birch Cream Caramels and got up close and personal with birch syrup based sweets. It's somewhat hard to describe- like a mix between molasses and honey. Birch imbues a distinctive pleasant flavor to the creamy caramels that I've never encountered before. And now I want more. In the same way that I constantly seek out maple syrup based goods, now birch will be added to the list. New York City is not exactly a hotbed of birch activity but I plan to seek it out- somewhere in gourmet Brooklyn there must be more of this stuff to be found! Thanks, Jennifer!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Post-Easter Snapshot: Twix Easter Eggs

Nothing new but the festive shape!

Score: 3

Post-Easter Snapshot: Palmer Peanut Butter Easter Minis

Surprisingly tasty within the limitations of a "chocolatey candy" exterior. The peanut butter is very sweet and super creamy and instantly melty.

Score: 3

Post-Easter Snapshot: Russell Stover Chocolate Wedding Cake Egg

This Russell Stover Chocolate Wedding Cake Egg is a disappointment compared to the rest of the Cake & Pie line. The chocolate cake center lacks the cakey consistency of a number of the others. This is more like a dense fudge that is too sweet and doesn't contain enough cocoa.

Score: 2

After Note: There are so many unique flavors to this Russell Stover Cake and Pie line, and they range from pretty disgusting to incredibly delicious. Here is the growing list of reviews of these innovative candies.

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Russell Stover Carrot Cake in White Chocolate
Russell Stover Red Velvet Cake in Dark Chocolate
Russell Stover Apple Pie in Milk Chocolate
Russell Stover Caramel Apple in Milk Chocolate
Russell Stover Cookie Dough 

Post-Easter Snapshot: Target Brand Mini Barks in Milk Chocolate with White Chocolate Drizzle and White Chocolate with Jelly Beans

These Target-brand Easter Mini Chocolate Barks are a little too sweet and taste manufactured, but there's something physically appealing to these mini chocolate slabs.

Score: 2

Post-Easter Snapshot: Sixlets Chocolatey Candies

Sixlets don't even consist of real chocolate so you have to perhaps reconfigure any high expectations. That said, there's something strangely appealing about these crunchy round chocolate-y pellets. I've always enjoyed them. And the pastel Easter color palette is a nice look.

Score: 3

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Post-Easter Snapshot: Coconut m&m's Eggs

Coconut m&m's are back for Easter in a pastel array of colors. Here's a link to a review of the original limited edition run of Coconut m&m's. They constitute a fun variation on the original m&m, but unlike the original I think I'd tire of these quickly.

Score: 4